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5 Facts About DJ Zedd For The First Time To Share

Recently, on the Reddit forum, Zedd has had a meeting with fans in which a lot of facts about him were revealed. Let’s join us to learn 5 secrets first revealed by this famous DJ.

1.”Addicted to a memory” is the most difficult product that Zedd has ever made

“Addicted to a Memory” is a song by Russian-German DJ and record producer Zedd and features vocals from American girl group Bahari from his second studio album, True Colors. It was written by Zedd and Matthew Koma and was released on 14 April 2015 as a promotional single.

It is an electro house song with a piano medley intro which lasts 5 minutes and 3 seconds and has a tempo of 128 BPM. The song has three EDM drops in which the last one is very different from the first two.

2. Collaboration with Porter Robinson

It’s a matter of fact that fans of Zedd and Porter Robinson always express wanting to hear some form of their collaboration and Zedd seems eager to make it happen in reality. He responded: “We recently talked about getting together and making some music together. Hoping it’ll happen“. 

Zedd reveals potential future collaboration with Porter Robinson

3. Skrillex is the man who helped Zedd overcome his fear of using a microphone

Zedd admitted that he was actually ‘terrified’ to use the mic in his first year of touring, and Skrillex helped him get over the fear by essentially forcing him to use it during a show they played together. Zedd says he is grateful to Skrillex for that as he now considers it a key part of fan interaction.

Skrillex and Zedd

4. Zedd really likes playing games

Zedd said: “A lot of people don’t know this but I actually used to play Counter Strike team in Germany back in the day. I have been obsessed with gaming since I was very little. Other than music it is my big passion!

5. Good luck also plays an important role in ZEDD’s success

It’s quite true that the further we go, the more important luck can play. Zedd believes that the external influence into one’s achievement is substantially higher than we tend to imagine.